Vespa Maintenance Guide


Here all all the links of those I have used and abused in the making of this guide and the ones I just find plain interesting. I encourage everyone to read these sites, as they have a tonne of very important info that can help people put two and two together.

My Email - Email me about anything on the site. - A Great FAQ for various Vespa models.
International Scooterist BBS - If in doubt shout it out. - Check the rally schedule and peruse Rally pictures!
ScooterMD Services - Props for the great wiring Diagram. - lots of info on two strokes and four strokes.
Capital City Scooter Club. Victoria, BC
More info about me and takeno muzik
How Stuff - Ask them anything - All you want to know about spark plugs
Get the Haynes manual from
The Scooter Swami's tutorial on shifting.
I Scoot NY - Information concerning parking, legal and city living stuff.
A cable length guide for replacing old cables
Pinhead Lounge Pinstriper's Archive - One of My Other Archive Sites!
Scooter Rescue: Information Concerning the Vespa Rally 200

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