Vespa Maintenance Guide

Engine Troubleshooting

This page is dedicated to engine issues. If you want to know how a P200 two stroke engine works, read my primer listed below. I have a tutorial on dropping the engine and cracking the cases to get at the cruciform. offers a method of getting at the cruciform without dropping the engine out of the frame. Evaluate both methods and choose the one that is best for you. Before attempting these articles, read them over carefully to get a sense of how to plan them. Engines should only be cracked on a clean surface free of rocks and debris. Avoid bad weather if you are going to work outside as it will make most people rush through the job. There will be more posts as I burn more two stroke :)).

Vespa P200 Two Stroke Engine Primer - added: Oct 27, 2001
Cleaning Your Top-End (Decoking) - added: Feb 5, 2002
Dropping the Engine - added: Mar 13, 2002
Splitting the Cases - added: Mar 14, 2002 updated: Mar 18, 2002
Cruciform Replacement - added: Mar 14, 2002
Gear Selector Box Troubleshooting - added: July 4, 2002
Exhaust System Maintenance - added: Sept 25, 2002
Complete Engine Teardown - added: May 12, 2003 updated: Oct 19, 2003

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