Vespa Maintenance Guide

Electrical Troubleshooting

Keeping the electrical system in working order is an annoying task on most scooters. The electrical equipment is hard to get to, and the wires and connectors are fragile. Everything on this page will need patience. Since there are various schematics for P200's please make identify YOUR particular bike before tracing wiring diagrams and modifying your harness. The following is a list of all of the electrical problems I have successfully fixed. Please note that while these methods worked for me, they may not work for all situations. If there is anything you are stuck on or find ambiguous, drop me a line or ask a question on the International Scooterist BBS in the links section of this site. Good Luck!

How does the CDI work? - added: 02/14/03
How does the Turn Signal system work? - added: 02/14/03
How does the Voltage Regulator work? - added: 02/14/03
Making a Spark Plug Wire - added: 11/21/02
Degree Wheel for setting timing advance - added: 11/08/01 updated:11/09/01
Get a Diagram! - added: 10/26/01
Changing and Reading Your Spark Plug - added: 10/18/01
Cleaning Up and Filling Up: Your Battery - added:10/16/01

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